Beyond The Podcast: Diva Las Vegas

What possessed us to talk about Chipotle after talking about flatulence related church giggles? We’re still trying to figure that out.

Rachael’s Tinder picks
She finds gems so you don’t have to.
Rachaels Tinder Picks

Let us know if you can figure out what the guy’s feet are holding on the left and whether “turd” is used literally or figuratively on the right.

Sara’s J.Crew blazer saga never ends
 The Schoolboy (left) and The Regent (right). Rachael’s life is way more interesting.jcrewblazers

Rachael’s Fox Sweater!

oldnavyfoxsweaterLink Roundup:
We want to live the tiny house dream
Rachael’s 90’s nostalgia Spotify list
Caboodles still exist!
You can play lemonade stand online if you missed out on a childhood classic that only Sara seems to remember. Also, she was not making up the turtle programming language for kids.

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