Beyond The Podcast: I Would See D3 in 3D

Check it out! You can hate-watch Younger with us! Full episodes are available online. You’re welcome.

Kite Hill makes amazing non-dairy chive cream cheese and Hampton Creek makes egg-free mayo that tastes better than the real thing.bagels-chive

A prime example of an 80’s movie that does not hold up:

Sara’s Tonys dress from Rent The Runway. This is not Sara.


We assure you that the 2015 version of the LLBean backpack that Sara so proudly wore for many years is way cooler than the 90’s version.


The trailer for Jem and the Holograms the movie (certainly not the cartoon):

Some choice comments from YouTube:

“Quick. Somebody start a rumor that this movie insults North Korea! There’s still time! Maybe it can still get pulled!”

“Hey, guys, what’s a song you think of when you’re asked “What song belongs in a Jem trailer?” Was it a One Direction song?”

“Next they will make a live action Thundercats movie about some cats who chase mice and are frightened by thunder.”

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