Beyond The Podcast: Go Sportsball!

Check out Laurel Hardware, the home of the bloody mary that started it all and the site of Sara & Rachael’s very first brunch. 

laurelhardwarebrunch-bloodymaryphoto sources: restaurant, bloody mary

Passing through NYC? Check out Sara’s favorite places for  bagels and lox. Drool.

If you have the time (and love a bargain like Sara), head out to Acme Smoked Fish in Brooklyn. On Fridays, the normally wholesale operation (that supplies the fish at both Zabars and Russ & Daughters) goes retail and is open to the public.

Rachael’s favorite flask bangle. Except for the part where there’s not enough wine:


It’s Sara’s old/new hoodie! It certainly is old but we were able to find a photo of one on ebay:


Link Roundup:
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Jellies are everywhere. Even Urban Outfitters is on board.

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