Beyond The Podcast: How Many Times Did We Say “Poop” in 2015?

Teaser E37 v1

Rachael’s antique brass leggings:


Sara’s Shady Pine’s Tshirt:
ShadyPines Teaser E37 v2

Our recording studio’s religious artifacts:

Teaser E37 v3

Sara’s (fake) Tonys hair:

IMG_1274Teaser E37 v4

The script from our Simpsons table reading (guy in back is Hank Azaria)!

Fake NYC on the Fox lot:IMG_2444[1] Teaser E37 v5

The trailers for 8 seconds & The Longest Ride. The same movie.

Teaser E37 v6

Link Roundup:
Toe Pick!
Soledad Goats vegan cheese

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