Beyond The Podcast: I Can’t Believe There’s An Internet Cat I Don’t Know

Rachael loves Prosecco. Sara loves a bargain. Trader Joe’s is the answer. To everything.
Prosecco(photo from Rachael’s instagram)

This is Bea Arthur. The face  butt that launched Sara into crisis mode. Where is Olivia Pope when you need her?
bea.jpgHere is the family room before Bea decided it needed some updating:

IMG_8300And here is the family room after the project. Mitch refused to be part of this photo because of his “creative differences” with Bea’s design choice. Also note that the real plant in the before picture has since been replaced with a fake one. Sara has decided to focus all her efforts on keeping her dogs alive rather than her plants.

And here is Hamcat, the facebook sticker that we believe inspired Bea’s latest work:

No, thank YOU Bea Arthur!

Link Roundup:
A picture of what our universe pie would look like
Sara’s favorite mom jeans high-waisted jeans is Rachael’s favorite inbox cleanup
A blog post Sara wrote a few years ago about why you should never “park” your dog
Rachael’s new obsession, Scrotal Recall:

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