Beyond The Podcast: I Just Heard The Door Shut Behind Our Five Male Listeners

We loved having Jessica Michelle Singleton join us for Brunch. Her Twitter is amazing. Check it out:

Potentially the best American Ninja Warrior commentary ever. You’re welcome.

Dear Gap: I’m sorry. Love, Sara

Rachael’s headshot. Everything is better with Butters.

Link Roundup
Can’t get enough Ninja Warrior? Neither can we – check out  #mightykacy, and the Japanese original
We totally went there and now we’re totally link sharing. Check out Rachael’s discount link for Lola and the still somewhat confusing (really, how can you wear a thong??) but very exciting Thinx
You can still buy Gap dream! Doesn’t perfume expire?
Headed to Portland? We recommend food carts
Turns out Sara is trendy – mostly due to laziness

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