Beyond The Podcast: Recreational Eating Is My Favorite Sport

Teaser E40 v1

Our basic bitch feet pose in our socks:

2016-01-17 15.21.21Teaser E40 v2

Rachael’s Texas Ranger (the food kind obviously) at Mikkellar Bar (photo source)thumb_600

A Night At The Roxbury:

Teaser E40 v3

Our religious artifacts:

Teaser E40 v4

Walter Matthau – a face so cute you’d be willing to wipe his butt:


A photo posted by Walter Matthau (@dogwaltermatthau) on

Sara’s pajamas:

2016 default outfit. It's going to be a great year

A photo posted by Sara Tenenbein (@saratenenbein) on


Link Roundup:

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