Beyond The Podcast: The Oscar To My Felix


The scene of the crime:
Rachael’s champagne generosity yielded Sara’s panic attack / cleaning frenzy
ProseccoWe made a venn diagram of our friendship:


Obviously we should never live together but we should enjoy brunch outside accompanied by our dogs while we enjoy some egg-topped chipotle and prosecco – followed by mystery science theatering a real housewives marathon while we paint our nails.

Delicious Richard
tomselleckWe refer to him as Richard so we can ignore that pesky NRA affiliation and water stealing scandal – yup, he was investigated for stealing water. In the words of a real housewife – WHO DOES THAT??









Chris Knight’s patio furniture
The discovery gave Sara so much joy, that she wrote a blog post about it.

ChrisKnightPatioSara stands corrected
There were multiple versions of Kellogg’s variety packs, one of which included Cocoa Krispies. She is wondering if everything in her life has been a lie.

Rachael’s very cool nails:
rachael's nails

Link Roundup:
Rachael’s favorite kind of bro
The original Mrs. T
We are loving Devious Maids
Nobody should be watching this unless you need a nap
The source of Rachael’s nail love
Sara’s favorite athletic socks from Gap (PSA from Sara : WAIT FOR A SALE)
Egg-topped everything forever

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