Beyond The Podcast: The Oscar To My Felix


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The Oscar To My Felix

The maids are devious, the bars are feminist, and the ladies break down their odd couple friendship. Sara finds gluten-free baking idiot proof, Rachael will never turn down an egg-topped anything, and the ladies discuss LA stories and Peter Brady’s patio. The gross list features public displays of grooming and a lack of a-pun-ciation – while the 90s call – with a certain silly bouncy ball.

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I Just Heard The Door Shut Behind Our Five Male Listeners

The riotously funny Jessica Michelle Singleton joins the ladies for brunch to chat about her upcoming comedy album she may or may not be recording at her 10 year high school reunion. Things get real as they talk periods (not the punctuation kind; earmuffs gentlemen), the odd goods in Anchorage, and American Ninja Warrior – the only sport the ladies deem watchable. Rachael lets Sara be her Jewish mother where laundry is concerned, and 90s nostalgia calls in the form of wafting grass and dreams.

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