I Made Salmon Pizza At Dave Coulier’s House

Actress and blogger Lynn Chen joins the ladies in a great debate: how old is too old to couch crash? Rachael finds accidental love with boozy slushies and a shameful obsession with the latest season of The Bachelorette. Sara finds comfort in pajamas that make her feel like a New Girl, but can’t get on board with Coach Taylor’s latest project. The gross list features butt shots (not the fun kind), those who are all talk, and those opt out of TJ’s bagging (seriously, what’s wrong with you). And Lynn wins at 90s nostalgia with a very special TGIF story. Cut it out!

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Beyond The Podcast: I Made Salmon Pizza At Dave Coulier’s House

Actor, blogger, and body image activist Lynn Chen joins us for the podcast! It’s so unfortunate that she’s not photogenic:

Lynn+Chen_0811_v2Check her out on the interwebs: instagram. twitter. youtube. facebook. website.

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